Our detractors, after a period of silence that lasted only a few months, have begun to discourage by telephone or email several patients who would like to treat themselves using our natural products. We do not know them, but they are mostly known. They are recruited in the intelligence services of power in place in Yaoundé. Our phones are permanently tuned. Our email addresses are hacked.

            The arguments they have had to make and continue to make are:

    Either we are hitter,

    Either we buy pharmacy antivirals and antiretrovirals to dilute in our natural medicines before distributing them to people, etc.

Unfortunately for these critics, most of whom have become irreversibly blind, some of them have written to a dozen people who got their healing home before and who kindly scanned the documents received.

            All we ask of any visitor to our sites is to ask their potential contacts in Central Africa to meet us at our offices in Douala - Bonamoussadi.


                                               + 237 2 43 02 54 27

                                               + 237 6 73 47 62 71

Is it again this time because I am opposed? Indeed, in 17 years, my companies were destroyed 16 times, in Yaoundé, Bangangté, Bafoussam, Kumba, Douala and Buea in the name of the power of Yaoundé. It is not easy for an opponent to live in Cameroon with the invading secret police.

                        Email: contacts@septcam.com



            Indeed, since October 2013, our antivirals are blocked at the French and German customs with the motive (France): "N'A (SICK) NOT THE AUTHORIZATION OF IMPORTATION". French and German customs keep our products for weeks before destroying them? Or to return them (France) totally open.

            Is this a beginning of industrial espionage?

            We no longer send our medicines to patients in France and Germany and yet natural medicines that are safe and are not toxic.

            We have seized for France the drug safety authority formerly AFSSAPS for over a month and have received no response so far.

            We will not get discouraged in our scientific and technical research on tropical medicinal plants.

                                                                                                          F. SEUNKAM

Websites:www.septcam.comand www.vaincresonhepatite.com

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