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The Company of Studies and Technological Promotion (SEPT-CAMEROON SARL), called in the present site SEPT CAM SARL, was born from the will of a group of Cameroonian researchers decided to put their knowledge and their scientific experiments together in a framework appropriate to enable them to produce consumable goods useful to man and in particular in terms of health. Created in March 1993, this company had for object:

    collection, studies, exploitation of tropical medicinal plants;
    the development, manufacture, packaging and distribution of natural medicines;
    quality control of consumables,
    the popularization of methodologies for the natural treatment of diseases;
    market studies (feasibility, feasibility, opportunity);
    scientific and technical surveys and surveys;
    acquisitions of transferable technologies and their operations;
    the processing and exploitation of scientific and technical information;
    civil engineering; project studies and financing research, notably by setting up special tontines and,
    in general, all financial, industrial, commercial, securities and real estate transactions that may be directly or indirectly related to the above-mentioned object.

From 1993, year of creation of SEPT-CAMEROON SARL, until today, the establishment of operating infrastructures has been progressive. The first structures set up before 1995 were:

    the Center for Studies and Exploitation of Tropical Medicinal Plants in Yaoundé, Cameroon;
    The laboratory for extracting and manufacturing natural medicines from the medicinal plants studied by our researchers in Bangangté, Cameroon, and
    The Private Center of Mixed Medicine (natural and classical) in Douala, Cameroon.

The quality control of all the drugs manufactured in our laboratories was carried out in the State laboratories (Center for Studies and Exploitation of Medicinal Plants for example) until 2002. Indeed, as of February 2003, our little quality control laboratory with a Toxicology Unit was already functional.

Our four mixed health centers in Yaoundé, Bangangté, Kumba and Bafoussam have been progressively set up until 2008. These centers operate and are self-financing to the present day.

     In 2012, on the proposal of a foreign partner, we created a department in charge of information and communication technologies that we are setting up. This department is responsible for creating websites in Central Africa and more particularly in Cameroon.


The actions that SEPT-CAMEROUN SARL conducts permanently are as follows:


       Collection, identification, study, exploitation of tropical medicinal plants

       Development of natural medicines

       Natural drug use methodologies developed in our laboratories for the treatment of diseases

      Studies of local materials for the manufacture of bricks, compression tests to study the resistance of the bricks obtained and very soon,

      Research and development actions in the field of information and communication technologies.

A2. Manufacture of natural medicines based on our selected plants

A3. Use of natural medicines obtained for the treatment of diseases and more particularly viral diseases and sexually transmitted infections such as CHLAMYDIA ETC.

A4. civil engineering

        Topographic survey

        Plan of buildings at the request of our customers

        Descriptive, quantitative specifications

        Achievements etc.

AT 5. Creation of websites for our customers

For more information on medicinal plants and natural medicines, please visit our website www.sepcam.com.


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